Spelling Bee

Children learn best through play. Combining sound and movement in an interactive game inspires confidence in learning.

The power of play

Working alongside a speech language pathologist and securing the support of a developer, I was able to realize a proof of concept for an interactive learning tool for children. The website can be found here.

Below is a video of the app live, as well as an overview of my process and a link demonstrates children learning through kinesthetic interaction.

Lean development

Leveraging a browser-based animation tool and editor provided a quick and agile platform to develop and iterate the application.


Bridging the gap between science and pedagogy

Child psychology and learning science are at the center of successfully teaching children to read and write. The principles of attention, expression and reinforcement, all informed my focus on color, proportion, type, and tone.

Breaking apart spoken words into smaller segments of sound, or phonemes, targets higher-level areas in the brain and working memory. Kinesthetic teaching has been shown to increase both engagement and retention in learning.

I was able to piggyback off learnings from a previous experience working with young children in virtual reality. See the presentation here.